Woot woot! The blog is finally LIVE again – I’m SO excited that you guys could join me here. If you’re new, I started my blog in 2017 as a photo/personal diary as an extension to my youtube channel. Living abroad was lonely, and I wanted a way to connect with people on the same journey. I made it a goal to share a few life transitions and the honest ways I’m dealing. But then it all hit me – life is continuously going to be transitional or transformative regardless of all these societal “milestones”.

I’ve shared a few stories on some F-it moments I’ve experienced, including how I got married within a few months or quit my first career-shaping job ALL because I chose to listen to my intuition. As a young 20-something, decisions like these are off the norm, but I couldn’t have felt more connected to my true self.


I say over and over again that this life “blueprint” is a myth so we might as well curate out life to our own terms. Hence the rename- lifestyle by design.

Just like it was in 2017 – I still want this to be a hub to share life hacks, healthy and flavorful recipes, fun banter, wellness, and travel tips that all make life less serious and more enjoyable.

So, what type of posts can you expect in the future?

  • Flavorful feel-good recipes that are healthy and plant based! (yes – dessert, cocktails, and all!)
  • Mindset shifts and wellness hacks that help me to get my mind right
  • Home, travel, and style Inspo
  • & whatever else sparks my creativity (leave me a suggestion!)

Excited to have you all here, and if you’re down for it all – join my mailing list so that you can join the crew.

Chat soon! Love, Bahati