Venice was by far one of the most magical cities I’ve had the chance of visiting. Most of the time, I don’t believe in being riled up by the hype, but Venice met all my expectations and then some.

A quote I love that nailed the experience was “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” and boy, was I love drunk. I’m not sure it would’ve been the same if I went with a couple of girlfriends or “homies” cause that city reeks L O V E. Everywhere we went they were constant serenades, lovey dicey couples, and roses handed out on the streets. It really is nothing but a city of romance. Keep scrolling to see a summary of what my 2-day trip looked like, a few photo highlights and travel tips if you ever want to plan a trip to Venice!


Venice Travel Diary:


We were already in Rome so the best way to get to Venice was through train that cost us $50. The trip took around 3 hours and 40 minutes which was a great way to get some downtime. We spent a whole week of travelling between Madrid, Barcelona and Rome. It was an intense couple of days and our body gave in so we were pretty sick by the time we were getting into Venice.

Tip: Stock up on loads of Vitamin C and make sure you have an emergency medical kit full of meds that can boost your immunity during your trip.



Venice in March was cool, but it got especially cold in the night-time. Low’s were around 9 degrees Celsius (47 Fahrenheit) and high’s were 21 degrees Celsius (71 Fahrenheit). I would recommend carrying a warm jacket and scarf with you while exploring, cause it got really chilly once the sun went down.


Venice is a small compact island so the accommodation options can get quite pricey. For that reason, we opted to stay outside the main island, approx. 20 minutes away in a charming Air BnB apartment. In hindsight, It did save as some money but, it’s always better to be as close to the heart of the city as possible. It would’ve saved as the time and hassle of trying to find our way back to our accommodation, especially as newbies to European transportation.


In Venice, the main means of transportation is walking! Venice is gorgeous and there’s so much to absorb, so the strolls were the best part about the experience. There’s also the famous gondola rides and water taxis to get you around the island.

One thing I didn’t know about Venice was that they’re other surrounding islands that were just a water bus away. We took a 45-minute water bus to Lido Island to explore a different parts of the area. The ride was an unexpected adventure on its own, but what attracted us to Lido was the beach! (Silly to think that we could go to the beach in 9-degree weather, but hey, we tried!) Lido island was contemporary and had more of a modern feel compared to Venice. The island was filled with side parked cars, dog walkers and fitness enthusiasts. Think if California met Venice.


Having foodie adventures was my main agenda, especially after the amazing experience we had in Rome. The good thing about Venice is that most of the tourist sights are free, so we’d go on a walking tour and stop by recommended restaurants on the way. As expected, we hunted for nothing but Italian food so talk about pasta, gelato and red wine galore!

We went to several Gelato vendors which were all amazing, but this one specific restaurant called GROM had hands down THE BEST Gelato EVER. We discovered them on Foursquare, and they had a whopping 5-star rating with thousands of reviewers! Safe to say it was acceptable to have over 6 gelatos in one day. 🙂 Of course, we also had a bunch of pasta dishes paired with Italian wine. I even took a stab and tried some squid ink pasta too. (Not my cup of tea, but still worth the try)

Tip: Italians (as most Europeans) take business breaks during the day, so you need to plan you’re eating times accordingly. Lunch is served between 12:00-2:00 pm then dinner is served between 6:00-10: 00 pm. At one point, Emanuel and I were in a rut cause we missed the specified meal times, but nothing that eating a tonne of gelato didn’t fix.


Venice is an expensive city but don’t let that discourage you from planning a trip. We planned the trip with a moderate budget and we were still able to experience the beauty of the city, especially because most of the tourist attractions are free. Eating at restaurants was one of the most expensive costs as most of the meals ranged from $20+. The best way to lower your spending is to get a place with a kitchen and prepare a heavy breakfast so you can eat away later. Gelato was one of the budget-friendly eats, so eat away!