As we celebrated the badass women in our lives last week, I couldn’t help but take notes on the traits I admire the most.

A major one being confidence.!

I stan when I come across a woman whose presence commands a room because there’s no denying it took a whole lot to get there. As a twenty-something young woman, confidence is a struggle I know far too well. Between life transitions, building relationships, developing strengths, figuring out weaknesses and heck – even finding myself, it’s easy to trickle down that whirlpool of “imnotgoodenough.” The good news is, it’s not innate and it’s a habit that can be improved and developed like anything else, through practice.

It would be great if there were a definitive checklist, but building your confidence isn’t one-size fits all. Here are some of the steps I take when my confidence juices need a little re-up.

1.  Dressing up and strutting.

Seriously. Throwing on some lipstick and heels is a confidence game-changer. Once I feel great about how I look, it’s energy that radiates to the rest of my mind that trickles into other great thoughts. It’s easy to want to go down that whirlpool and bum out in sweats and pick out the same old outfit for weeks straight (Trust, Those moments are way too many to count), but dressing up does wonders!

2.  Revisiting past accomplishments.

It doesn’t have to be anything life-changing, but I usually revisit tiny moments that brightened up my day. It can be as simple as an unexpected compliment or a situation in the past where I felt like I kicked ass. As a creative, going back to old work also helps because I’m able to witness the growth and appreciate how far I’ve come. It’s really easy to forget those small moments when we’re going through the day to day. For an accessible refresher, I created a list on my phone where I collect all these moments. It just takes a few scrolls for an instant mood booster.

3.  Affirmations

Yes! Speak things into existence by saying it loud and proud (Even when I’m not necessarily sold on it yet). I start with “I am great. I am talented. I have a bright future. I am beautiful.” then I get into more specific moments and qualities I admire about myself. If you want ideas on more specific phrases, here’s 100 more affirmations that you can tailor to your own life.

4.. Testing out your skill.s

Actions speak louder than words. As much as affirmations can work, the mind needs tangible results to prove we’re good at whatever we think we’re good at. Cooking is an example. Whenever I have bad days, I fix up a meal and it’s a given confidence booster cause I’m putting my skill into practice. Whatever skill you have, put it to the test and be prepared to impress yourself.

What are some ways you boost your confidence? Would love to hear!

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T-shirt: Shein

Green Duster Coat: Pretty Little Thing

White High Waist Jeans: Fashion Nova