Pregnancy comes with a tonne of planning for the baby, but not a whole lot of time to figure out how to survive those nine months! Heck, the only thing I thought I’d need was new clothes, and even still, I wasn’t into the idea of switching my whole wardrobe.

As the months went by, I learned that each trimester brought on three totally different experiences and challenges! I mean, there was no single week that was the same. When one symptom goes, another one comes, so best believe, google became my BFF.

The first trimester brought on hella nausea, so I spent about 80% of my non-throwing up time researching up cures. Once that went away in the second trim, I was researching how I can get some sleep cause I was bursting with energy. After that, I was figuring out a billion creative ways to wear leggings in the third trimester. That’s just a slither or the prévue rollercoaster but thought I’d write this to share a few products that helped me survive each stage.

All the products I’ve listed below were things I used pretty much daily, and they checked the marks for the most common symptoms for each trimester. Mamas, let me know if there’s anything on the list that you’re already have in stock!

  1. Ginger Tummy Drops – these were IT in helping tame the nausea! I took them right when I woke up and before meals.
  2. Hair Ties – loved this hair tie hack that helped me wear all my pre-preggers pants
  3. Infused Water Bottle – You’ll hear over and over again how much water you need to stay hydrated for you and the baby. I’m not much of a water fan, so this helped me inject fruits to have it taste better
  4. Organic Prenatal gummies – I started taking regular (boring) prenatal vitamins, but they didn’t sit well with my tummy at all! I found this so much more fun and tastier of course!
  5. Pregnancy Journal – Pregnancy brain is real af, so this helps saves all those precious memories!
  6. Pretzels/Crackers – These are one of the foods that are a little easier to keep down, so stock up!
  7. Ginger Tea or any sort of ginger drink – I went between ginger beer in the daytime and ginger tea at night and they were a lifesaver, plus it was soothing too.
  8. Protein Bars – because growing a whole human sucks the living crap out of you.
  9. Mama Natural Pregnancy Guide – I had no idea that the first trimester was the most critical part of the pregnancy until I read this book. I loved the natural approach to pregnancy and the explanations behind what you’re body is going through. They were so many gems in there that helped me get more in tune with my mind + body plus, baby.
  10. +Pregnancy App – tracking the baby’s changes and what I should be expecting was one of my favorite parts. I loved how interactive this one was and that you could customize the look of your baby by skin tone!

  1. Yoga Mat – Gotta keep it moving…I found yoga such a great way to relax, but still get in a workout.
  2. High Waisted Underwear – pretty self-explanatory! They’re just so much comfier than the regular kind.
  3. Organic Panty Liners – pregnancy comes with a lil bit of an extra mess down there, so this was a big help in keeping it fresher.
  4. Natural Calm Gummies – GUYS, THIS is by far my fave pregnancy item! I got introduced to it by midwives, and I’ve never looked back. They instantly calmed me down and got me to get quality sleep.
  5. Lavender Tea – another natural sleep aid. They’re not kidding about how much energy comes in the second trimester ya’ll!
  6. Essential oils – perfect for setting a zen vibe – loved using these right before bed and while I meditated. Their combination of oils smells so good!
  7. Leggings – again self-explanatory, especially cause the second trimester is when most mamas experience the most growth. I got a couple of these and they were needed!
  8. Rompers/Jumpsuits – as much as it was tempting to wear leggings day in and day out, I found rompers/jumpsuits just as comfy AND more stylish. 🙂
  9. Pregnancy Pillow – I had a love-hate relationship with this thing! I slept way better with it but, it caused such a wedge (literally) between my hubby and I. Must have tho especially for restless nights

  1. Infused Water Bottle – makes getting hydrated more fun and versatile. I loved adding cucumbers, mint, or lemon!
  2. Magnesium bath salts – baths are super encouraged during the third trim because #selfcare, but it was also a great way to get in tune with my body before labor.
  3. Pregnancy Pillow – we talked about this being a love-hate relationship, but the third trimester is when I needed it the most. The pressure and heaviness got relieved cause the pillow contoured to my body.
  4. Stretchy Tops – Stretchy tees and tops were SO flattering on the bump – plus the comfiest!
  5. Exercise Ball – great for labor prep! I used this through the last weeks, all the way until I had to go to the hospital. It doesn’t seem like the comfiest thing, but it relieved a lot of pressure.
  6. Third Trimester Tea – helps support and get your cervix ripe for labor. Plus, it tastes great!
  7. Slip-on sandals – hey swelling feet! There’s a lot of water retention, so it was crucial to find shoes that were easy to slip on, especially cause there’s no bending either.
  8. Natural Calm Gummies – honestly, don’t know what I’d do without these. Even now that I’m writing this in the postpartum phase, I still need them to stay relaxed and feel less stressed.
  9. Comfy Robe – for all the self-care days and days, you want to lounge around! plus, this is an awesome add on to the hospital bag as well.

Let me know what are some of your must haves or if there’s anything I missed!