Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE banana bread – so much so that it’s sort of hard to look to other recipes to beat it. Thanks to COVID-19, we got a little too acquainted with ripe bananas, so the experimentation began! 

I was looking to make these recipes on the healthier side – especially since the majority of my diet is plant-based. Regardless of whether they asked for dairy or eggs, I swapped them out because I’ve found that dessert tastes just the same with the right swaps. Seriously though, if there’s any meal that is easiest to transition to a plant-based/vegan diet, it’s definitely dessert! So, if you’re looking to experiment, here’s a list of some swaps I made that you can start including in your kitchen. 

With your help on IG Stories polls, we settled on making banana bread waffles and chunky monkey cookies from Elephantastic Vegan and Just So Tasty. I loved trying these recipes out, and I know it takes a lot of trial and error to develop them, so shout out to these creators for making them delish and easy to follow! 

Here are a few notes I made on each recipe so that I could make it more fitting to what I was looking for. (Feel free to try it out verbatim or use my notes as guidance!)

Banana Bread Waffles

I switched out a few ingredients to make it vegan, and it came out PERFECTLY:

  • Bob Mill’s Egg Replacer instead of 2 eggs
  • Oat milk instead of regular milk

The batter ended up being a little thick, so I thinned it out with some more milk. (I have a demo on my stories), but other than that, this recipe was a win!

Chunky Monkey Cookies (Vegan, Oil, and Sugar-Free)

This recipe was unique! The cookies were more dough-y than cookie-y because of all the bananas used. In fact, the author described them more like drop scones. They also didn’t have any oil or sugar, so these were as HEALTHY as you can get! I like my dessert to still feel like dessert, so here are a few alterations I made:

  • Added in vanilla essence!
  • Added in about 4 tablespoons of agave syrup (You can add some sugar to the mix if you’d like them to have more flavor)
  • I didn’t have time to make peanut butter chips, so I just added splotches of peanut butter and swirled it around.

Demo also on my stories

Here are also a few other banana bread recipes that are on my must-try list!

Let me know which one’s you’re looking to try or if they’re any other ways you use ripe bananas!