Hey loves,

Hope you’re all having a great and productive beginning of the year! I’ve finally settled into the fact that it’s 2018. (3 months later!)

Anyway, I miss you guys. I feel like I haven’t been able to post substantial content in a pretty long time. I love the personal aspect of the blog/vlogs, but at the same time, I’d prefer that you pick up something from what I write/post.

I hear you all LOUD and clear when you say you want recipes, tutorials, and lifestyle tips, so I don’t want it to seem like I’m ignoring any of your requests. I have a folder full of these ideas, but all I need to do is to put them out there.

I’m sure you guys know I’m a big stickler for giving out the best quality content I possibly can, but of course, it can be a little bit of a stretch when I don’t have any time. But I don’t know, could that just be an excuse?! Maybe I’m just having a difficult time applying the meaning of balance.

For any bloggers or content creators out there, how do any of you balance consistency and putting out good quality content? It’s a huge struggle for me.

In the meantime here’s me taking stock of what’s been going on recently.


ATM I’m:

Currently: mentally preparing myself to go through this hell hole called Finals Week (It lasts about three weeks). I don’t know about any of you guys in university but Finals week for me is the ULTIMATE nightmare. I just spent the past 10 minutes trying to come up with an analogy to explain how agonizing it is, but it’s indescribable.

Appreciating: no makeup days & my braids! I have no idea why it’s taken me six years to put them back on! They’ve seriously saved me hours and hours of time and energy!

Becoming: more reflective. I think it’s the fact that I’m about to graduate soon but I spend every single day reflecting on my journey, and I’m so thankful for it.

Working on: trying to eat healthier. I’m an extremist sometimes, its either I’m a solid health freak, or I’m bingeing on nothing but fries. (Stress eaters in the back say hey!) But sometime last week, I had a wakeup call from one of my best friends that told me that my cheeks are getting fuller and I immediately FREAKED. It was needed though!

Feeling: hyper-exhausted.

Eating/Drinking: a mocha breakfast smoothie – I thought I’d hate it cause I’m super loyal to strawberry smoothies, but it’s pretty delish (and healthy too!)

Loving: that I’ve picked up on a few money saving tips over the past few months! Definitely, something I want to share.

Trying: to develop a more professional attitude. This year, I’ve had to deal with a lot of workplace issues, but I’ve been training myself to be as professional and democratic as I can.

Pinning: Recommended books for 20-year old millennials.

Considering: the idea of moving out of Atlanta (At least for a short time)

Obsessing: over Lupita Nyong’o. Everything about her is goals.

Looking Forward To: Atlanta getting a little warmer.