Usually, I say it’s been a while but this round has taken the MIA trophy for sure.

But, hello friends! How have you guys been? Thanks for showing up to the blog after what feels like decades. It’s been a major transition these past few months, so I’ll try and summarize it into a quick snap of what’s going on at the moment.

Side note: these flicks were from a recent trip to Portland, OR. I was blown away by how stunning it was. I’m out of the winter wonderland and back in ATL, but I couldn’t help but share!

Currently: fighting sleep to work on things I care about. If you haven’t checked my recent chit chat update, I told you guys I got a job! Yep, the whole 9 to 5   8:30 to 6:00-real-adult-life- type of job. It’s brought on a whole new life that pretty much caused a 360 in the way I function, including adding in early bedtimes. I used to be able to power through until 2 am, but once it hits 10 pm, I’m out.  As much as sleep sounds amazing right now, I still want to be able to work on things I love even if it means missing out on a few z’s.

Appreciating: Friends, family, my job, good health. Just overall contentment.
Becoming: more content with whatever’s thrown at me. With every bad/good situation that’s happening in my life, I always ask the question, “what is this here to teach me?” (Shout out to Oprah for the lesson!)
Working on: fixing my awful eating habits. Over the past few months, I’ve conditioned my body to find any and every reason to eat. (I’m blaming all the free snacks/food at the office) I haven’t bothered checking my weight cause I’m pretty sure I’ll sink into a corner and wail, but as for now, I’ll be starting off with tiny changes to wean myself off the junk.
Eating/Drinking: Nothing at the moment, although I just made a white bean and artichoke hummus. (Attempt #1 to eat better). Hummus makes for a healthy snack cause it’s low in calories, filling and super versatile. Dip it, spread it or eat it with a spoon, anything works! My plan is to have it as a go-to snack that makes me forget I’m trying to be healthy. *crossing fingers*
Listening: to more and more podcasts because they’re entertaining without making me a sitting duck. I always have a listen when I’m on my way to work, folding laundry, shopping etc. Making it to my top three podcasts is Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations (still!) TSC Him and Her Podcast, and the Mattie James show.
Loving: coffee + donuts recently. *sobs in fat*
Wishing: for a three-day weekend. This whole work-life balance thing is a lot to figure out. I feel like I’m always pressed for time. Grrrr. Anybody with tips?

Obsessing: over finding a new makeup routine. I’ve been watching a lot of foundation reviews and it’s about time I switch up my makeup game. I’m a creature of habit, but change is calling!
Looking forward to: my next vacation. Whenever that’ll be, I’m ready for ya!

Hope you’re doing well loves!