It’s no surprise that harsh winters and my African self bareeeely get along. Before I moved to the U.S, I was used to taking care of my combination skin one way and ONE WAY only. Now, it pretty much does what it wants – switching from being oily in the summer and dry as hell in the winter. To think that getting down a skincare routine was hard enough…now you need TWO? Tsk tsk.

The battle with figuring out my winter routine has always been finding something that can, of course, moisturize, but STAYING moisturized was the issue. I mean, ain’t nobody got time to re-up in the middle of the day, so I needed to find something that could last for hours. So, here’s what I discovered: The key to retaining moisture is NOT letting it leave your body, to begin with. 

I used Palmers new coconut line to achieve moisture for up to 20+ hours by combining their coconut oil and balm. The coconut oil seeped into the skin, and the coconut balm sealed it in leaving my skin moisturized without feeling greasy! It also smells amazing, and is made out of organic extra virgin coconut oil and free of all the extra junk (parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, and dyes) – which is definitely a win in my book!

If you’re looking to try some out – you can get a whole duo for less than $10 at Target or your nearest drugstore!