Jan 18, 2020 – I got MARRIED!!

It’s SO hard to find words to write this, let alone even wrap my head around how much of a magical the day was for me. (Fr, I’ve been trying to write the first sentence for the past hour and a half now!) A month has passed and I’m still speechless and stunned at the dreaminess of it all. Between having our family and friends come together, and actually saying I do to the guy of my dreams, I was a complete mushball.

The Day

If you follow me on the gram, you’d have heard me mention that the best part of the day had both our families came together to bring the day to life. It was all DIY, so it was ALL hands on deck. This also meant that there was so much improvising cause things kept popping up out of nowhere! We had it all – from the rain, the event planner forgetting the decor, Luke getting locked in the closet right before I walked down the aisle,  the cake falling apart last minute – haha! It all sounds like a bride’s biggest nightmare, and trust me, it was mine too, but I was too high on cloud 9 to care. Nothing phased me, and that’s what made it one of the best days ever plus the chaos and hilarious memories and what truly bonded our families together. 


Alright, so, LUKE. My hubby! If who’ve been following me for a while, Luke might seem like an unfamiliar face, but he’s played a critical supportive character in this rollercoaster life story for the past six years. We only dated for a couple of months, but you know how the saying goes “when you know, you know”. As surprising as it was, it was also the sort of thing I also heard all my life – the whole “you’ll probably marry a best friend or someone you wouldn’t expect” and all that jazz. Of course, you always believe you can predict those types of things (Ha!), but as per usual, the universe comes in and gives you a good ol’ reminder. 🙂

I can’t wait to share more details on our little love story with you guys. I even ran into a psychic that laid out the whole thing for me a year before it all happened! Yep – weird stuff! But really, all in all, our solid friendship was the root of what brought us together.

As of now, words are still a bit of a struggle point for me so, I’ll just let the pictures do all the talking! Also, I’ll be making a few posts and videos about the planning process. If you have any specific topics or areas you’d like me to tackle, let me know in the comments!


Mrs. Alderman.