Ooo! Mini-me incoming 2020! Oh man – These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for my emotions, but I keep going back to feeling so overjoyed about this new chapter in my life. I have so many questions about pregnancy, motherhood, adjusting (especially at a young age), and wow – where to start? Of course – there’s so much to think about but, I thought I’d capture a few moments by sharing some pregnancy updates.

How Far Along? As I write this I’m currently 11 weeks! 

Weight Gain? Not yet! In fact, I’ve actually lost weight due to all the morning all day sickness. It’s been so hard for me to keep anything down..water, apples, juice…Nothing! Praying that it gets better soon cause it’s a huge buzzkill. 😩

Cravings/Aversions? So far my cravings have been decent..not too absurd. What I’m not handling are the aversions! I’m grossed out by garlic, cilantro, spices, and pretty much anything with even a little bit of flavor. I mean, what?! That’s the majority of how I eat. So it def feels like my body is turning against me!

What I Eat In A Day? It’s a snooze fest! The only thing I’ve been able to tolerate is plain sandwiches, raw vegetables, fruits and salt and vinegar chips. I’ve pretty much eaten the same thing for the past two weeks. 

  • Breakfast: apples, mandarin, or oranges
  • Snack: Ginger sweets/Ginger tea – This was a huge help in keeping nausea at bay!
  • Lunch: Roasted Turkey, Lettuce, Cucumber and Tomato (no dressing, oil or seasoning!) + salt and vinegar chips
  • Dinner: Sushi (the cooked or veggie kind!) even though eating raw sushi was tempting AF!
  • Snack: Popsicles 

Sleep? LOTS! I can BARELY keep my eyes open. If there’s a hard surface, I’m sleeping! I’ve added a “30-minute car nap” as part of my work schedule just so I can actually function the rest of the day.

Best Moment? Seeing how dedicated hubs is to making me feel better. There’s so many 1 am store trips he’s made for my cravings – no matter how ridiculous. It’s the sweetest! 

Weird Pregnancy Moment? Learned a new skill – throwing up while driving! Whew!

Baby Movement? Not yet! 

Body changes? Despite feeling exhausted and nauseous 24/7, there would be no telling I’m pregnant, which is sort of cool. Kind of like my lil secret. 🙂

Something You’re Looking Forward To? The second trimester and having a bump! I feel like that’s when it’ll all hit me that all these changes are building up to grow a whole human. Can’t wait!