Before Emanuel and I arrived at our final destination (Lacoste, France), we had to make a stopover in Marseille. Now, Marseille isn’t necessarily one of those cities you add to your bucket list. In fact, it has a harsh reputation because of the organized crimes that took place around the port, so I can’t deny I was less than excited to visit but boy, was I wrong.

Marseille is unbelievably gorgeous! There’s a metropolitan buzz with a pretty prevalent hip hop and fashion culture (I was taken aback by how trendy most of the locals were) and fun fact; it’s the second biggest city in France.

Then there’s the view! Something about bodies of water next to hills or mountains create the IDEAL type of scenery. Emanuel and I stayed at the Pullman Marseille Palm Beach Hotel, and this is where we got to experience the beauty that is Marseille.

Marseille scenery photo by Bahati Nzuri

We only had less than 48 hours so we didn’t get to explore the city as much as we wanted to but I’ll make a separate post on things I learned and as well as the interesting things to do.

So, the biggest lesson learned? Stray away from the typical, cliche cities! There are so many gems out there if you go off the beaten path. Nothing a little research can’t help. 😉

Bahati Nzuri Marseille ShotBahati Nzuri Marseille Shot BackdropBahati Nzuri Marseille Bahati Nzuri Marseille

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