One of the highlights from our trip back home was celebrating Cairo’s 1st with our Kenyan village for the first time ever! It was a triple celebration because everyone got to meet Cai AND Luke for the first time, and we also finally all got to have one big excuse to party with family and friends after one heck of a year a part. I had a blast planning the day and thought I’d share away all the things that made it incredible.


The entire party was hosted by The Bedelle which is a luxury boutique guest house in Runda. They handled the main decor, seating, tables, bar AND catering which was a major win (goodbye logistics and extra planning!) Even without those perks, the venue itself is insanely stunning – interior, exteriors, everything. They have a couple of guest rooms as well and were sweet enough to offer us a room for Cairo to sleep in, change and hold all his baby stuff during the party.


We weren’t set on a particular theme but I wanted to keep the colors neutral and a reflection of Cairo’s personality. Tans, yellows and greens are all colors that we’ve used over and over again so we stuck to it. We worked with @justballonske on sourcing the balloons. I loved that they had a wide variety of balloons in all sizes and colors. Instead of going OD on decorating, we created two focal points by decorating the pool area with white floating balloons and the garland.


Food was a a huge one for us because we tried to incorporate a few vegan/plant based dishes while still keeping it yummy and balanced for everyone to enjoy. If you’ve heard about our allergies journey then you’re aware that Cairo is super restricted on food – especially dairy. Here’s the menu the Bedelle created which was a huge hit for the guests.

Also have to shout out the vegan cake because WOW. Ray’s sweeties was amazing at capturing the vision – she brainstormed with me and found ways to be creative which I loved! & the cake was amazing. Everyone was all VEGAN where? haha. We settled for a carrot cake & buttercream icing, and our non-vegan cake was vanilla caramel.


We didn’t have any specific events planned except treasure hunt activities for the kids and cake cutting! We spent most of the day catching up, eating, ogling over Cairo and retelling the survival of the first year as new parents #Wemadeit


Catering & Decor: @thebedelle

Balloons: @justballoonske

Catering & Decor: @thebedelle

Vegan cake: @rayssweeties

Photography: @amutuma