Happy first week of May folks! Three weeks later and I’m finally getting some down time to write a post.

I’ve been in Europe for a month and a half now and so far, it’s been an out of this world experience! The sole reason I’m here is that I’m on a study abroad program in Lacoste. (It’s a charming village in the south of France!) There’s so much I’ve seen and done, and I can’t wait to share on what these past few weeks have been! And for those who are asking, YAASSS vlogs are on the way soon!

There’s been a lot of traveling involved, but I wouldn’t consider it a vacation. Oh, how I wish though! I’m still a full-time student, so I have to juggle assignments and class while trying to make the best out my experience here. It’s taken an enormous TOLL on me and…let’s just say it’s been difficult trying to keep my head above water, but hey, no complaining here!

Anyway, I just thought I’d share a snapshot on the little happenings.

At the moment I’m:

Appreciating: Privacy!!! I savor every single minute that I get to be alone because it’s rare here. The campus is very close knitted and intimate, so there’s nowhere to run to. I have four roommates (YES, FOUR!) and I’m glad we all get along so well, but I think that “super extroverted Bahati” faded away a while ago. The older I’m getting, the more I realize I live off being by myself.

Becoming: Better at adulting? I hope? I planned a whole trip to 6 cities in 3 countries on my own! (With a little bit of Emanuel’s help….lol) It’s probably one of the most challenging but satisfying things I’ve done in my life so far!

Working on: A photo journal for an assignment and also editing my Barcelona vlog! (woot!)

Feeling: Tired (when am I not?) and inspired. The senior photo editor of TIME magazine, also a SCAD alumni, gave a brief lecture on campus a few hours ago about his photo book based on Privilege in a Time of Global Inequality. The photography was incredible, and it twists your perspective on the kind of world we live in.

Eating/Drinking: Just finished a whole bag of Haribo Gummy Bears and I have ZERO regrets.

Listening: to one of my roommates scrolling through Snapchat and The 1975- Chocolate

Loving: That I just listened to Chocolate. It rekindled a few high school memories. 🙂

Smelling: the chocolate brownie on my bedside table. (France has activated a sweet tooth I didn’t even know I had!)

Trying: to decide whether I should nap for a few hours or just keep going on with my day. (Decisions, decisions…)

Wishing: I could cook again! I miss having the choice to eat what I want when I want…and oh gosh…don’t even get me started on how intense my spicy food cravings have been!

Looking forward to: Getting a break! 2017 has been a  M A R A T H O N. I can’t wait to sleep and relax without feeling like I should be obligated to be doing something else!

What’s going on with you? Having any similar experiences?