Hello There!

I’m Bahati! A 20-something-year-old originally from Nairobi, Kenya living in Atlanta, Georgia. I started this blog in college as a creative outlet to share my style, recipes, travel ventures, and let you in on some life transitions. I had the notion that it would take a “few” couple of growing pains to discover myself, but boy was I wrong. The path to self-discovery is a constant journey. It’s so easy to get blinded by societal norms and limiting beliefs, so it’s truly up to you to curate a life that you ultimately desire. 


Listening to my intuition has played a massive part in my life, which allowed me to make some not-so-typical life decisions, find love in unexpected places, figure out balance (still a WIP!), and craft a life I know works for me – Lifestyle BY DESIGN. 


With the blog, I hope to share my own experiences that will inspire you to test a few things out and live a life based on your desires. So what’ll you find here? Delicious healthy recipes, positive mindset shifts, life realness, wellness tips, travel, and things that make life so much more fulfilling and enjoyable. 


Oh, and I also put out Youtube videos every week, so go ahead and subscribe!

Find me on the rest of the Internet, and If you have any questions, suggestions, comments – I’m all ears! Leave them down below. 🙂

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hello wanted to ask how you get to travel. Do you save up or are you sponsored by a travel agency. Liking your blog. Kudos

Hey! Thank you! Haha, I wish! Most of my trips are out of pocket, so I save up as much as I can.

Do you edit your own videos and photos?

Yep! I shoot and edit them myself. Except for the shots of me which are done by whoever’s close to me at the time.

What’s your favorite thing about Kenya?

I love that Kenyans are ALWAYS down to have a good time! Also, Nyama Choma & Kachumbari are one of my favorite things in the whole world.

Hey Bahati. I really love your channel and blog page. My question is, how/what did you use to build your website?

Thank you! ? I use WordPress.org with a customized template I bought from Creative Market.

What camera do you use for taking pictures and vlogging?

I switch between using a Canon G7x Mark II or a Canon T3i with a standard kit lens. 🙂

Do you make money from blogging? Are you a model?

Somewhat. It’s not enough for a sustainable income, but when I do, it’s usually when I partner with events/brands. And no, I’m not a model. I’m surprisingly camera shy and awkward in front of the camera. That’s why I can only shoot with people I’m comfortable with.

What advise would you give to someone who has lost all their confidence?

Grab a journal and write all the qualities you like about yourself that make you, YOU. Even the tiniest little details, just write them down and look at that list every single day. Your mind is a powerful thing!

How tall are you?


Your style is absolutely classy. Love it, Is your hairdresser in NBO? If so, kindly give her contacts

Thank you! Yes, I have a go-to hairdresser called Rehema! She’s done my sew-ins and weaves for years!! So if you’re into that, I’d highly recommend her, plus she’s affordable too. Her contact is +254721905810. If you go in, let her know that I sent you! 😉

Do you ever go home to Kenya?

I go almost every single summer/holiday! 🙂

Hi what app did you use to edit your YouTube videos ..also how did you edit your blog? Btw great job love your pages!!

Thank you! I use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos and WordPress.Org to host my blog.